Dear Members and Friends of Faith Des Peres,It's time to Spring Forward! Don't forget to move your clocks forward an hour or you'll get to church late. Ha!

It's the fourth Sunday of Lent -- where have the Sundays gone? This week I'm continuing the sermon series "Gifts of the Dark Wood"  with the gift of getting lost. This is an odd gift for me to be preaching about because I hate getting lost. It brings out all my worst character flaws! But I'll admit that when I've been lost, metaphorically speaking, I've usually come out the other side a better person. Have you found that to be true, too?

As we get closer to Easter, I want to draw your attention to some special things we have coming up: Palm Sunday (my favorite service of the year!), Maundy Thursday, and of course Easter. Think about who you can invite to these services. And don't forget the adult Easter egg hunt. It's going to be fun and also something you'll want to invite friends to attend.    


Hope to see you Sunday!