Dear Faith Des Peres Friends,

This Sunday the choir is presenting the cantata “Share the Good News! He is Risen!” This is a follow-up to the cantata they shared in December. They’ve been working hard for many weeks, so I hope you’ll be here to celebrate their ministry with us. Jeff White, our interim director of music and organist, shared with us this week that he will conclude his service at Faith Des Peres on May 31 (though he has indicated a willingness to serve as a substitute organist). Jeff has served the church well these past few months and really came at a time when we needed someone desperately! It’s been a pleasure for me to work alongside him, play in his bell choir, and listen to his fabulous organ music. I hope you will take the time to thank him for his service to the church.


This Sunday, the congregation will meet following worship to formally dissolve my call with you. Rev. Craig Howard, Transitional Presbytery Leader, will serve as moderator of the meeting. Should you have questions about the transition, I encourage you to talk to Craig at the meeting or any of your Session members.


As we approach April 29, I hope I’ll see you in worship. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me; your kind words about my time with you really mean a lot.