I can hardly believe I only have two more Sundays with you. I've thought a lot about what I want to say with only two sermons left and what scriptures speak to the thoughts I want to convey. This Sunday, I'm circling back to a passage that is familiar -- the story about Jesus walking on water. So often, this story is interpreted like this: like Peter, we're invited to step out of the boat where Jesus calls us to have courage and leave our safety nets behind. It's a good message, and the last time I preached on this passage I said just that! But on Sunday my message to you is the exact opposite: stay in the boat. Now is not the time to jump overboard, let others do the paddling for you, or try to walk on water. Now is the time to stay in the boat. 

If you weren't at church last Sunday, you missed a wonderful cantata by the choir. Thank you to the choir members and Jeff White and Laura Rakestraw for a wonderful worship service!

I hope I'll see you all this Sunday!