It's hard for me to believe my last Sunday with you is this Sunday. I'm a jumble of emotions: anxious, excited, sad, nervous, hopeful. We've been through so much these past 17 years. I'm not sure I have the words to adequately sum them up in my final sermon. But with the Spirit's help, I'll do my best. Of course, I've spent time thinking about what I want to say, and the story I keep going back to (or the Spirit keeps leading me to), is the one I preached on in my first sermon at Faith Des Peres, the story about Ezekiel and the valley of the dry bones. It's a fitting bookend, I think, to my final Sunday because it's all about hope.

I do hope you'll come on Sunday. Your presence would mean so much to me. And so, I will end this final letter as I have ended most of my letters to you, saying "I hope to see you Sunday". 

Many Blessings,