Tiara will be out of the office from Aug.19- Sept 3rd. Yolanda Mortimer will be helping in the office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in her absence. You can reach Yolanda by calling the church  office, 432-8029, or emailing her at adminasst@faithdesperes.org.  Members of the Session also are available to answer your questions and are going to be working with Yolanda to provide communications through the weekly blog and Sunday bulletin.                     Barbara Abbett— Clerk of Session                                                                                               Danny Mortimer – Chair of Administration Center                                                                        Mary Lewis - Chair of Worship Center                                                                                            Beth Willock – Chair MEC                                                                                                     Dianne Modrell – Chair Faith Formation                                                                                  Erika Abbett – Chair Mission and Ministry                                                                                   Ashley Marting – Mission and Ministry

You can either contact one of the members directly or ask Yolanda to put you in touch with them.