It looks like Fall is finally upon us.  Yes, this is a season of change.  After 17 successful years of ministry, we seek God’s help to find our next full-time minister.  Like the ancient Israelites, we are on a journey in which we trust God to lead us. 

At this time we thank God for faith!  For “Growing in our faith by asking questions and wrestling with ambiguity” is one of Faith Des Peres Presbyterian Church’s four congregational values. This struggle to have faith is like that of Moses from meeting God in the burning bush to God’s freeing the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt to God leading them to a new place known only by God.   We too are on such a journey, lead by God in faith.   Thanks to God, we know that we too will reach our destination.  Along the way we will celebrate, worship, engage each other in mission and ministry, learn more of God’s amazing love for everyone, and rejoice in all God continues to do for and through us as church community.  You are welcome to join us!   There is always room.