Dear Faith Des Peres Church Family,

 This Sunday we continue our journey through Lent, 40 days not including Sundays, when as we travel with Jesus toward his crucifixion and are particularly invited to reflect upon how we are living our lives and any changes we would like to make toward bringing our lives back in line with our Christian faith and values.    

 This Sunday is a one of great joy for us as we welcome three new members to our church family during worship, and as we hear a report detailing more about the good news of the Frontenac Council having approved the Payne Homes project Tuesday night.

 My sermon message this Sunday will be “Fertilizing Faith” from Luke 13:1-9.  I will be focusing upon the extension of grace within the parable portion of this short reading.

 I will be leading our black history and women’s history book study discussion on Michelle Obama’s Becoming following worship this Sunday.  The former First Lady’s autobiographic book is at times entertaining, poignant, and very personally candid, and will hopefully spark some interesting and insightful conversations about race and gender in our country.

 I hope you’re planning to attend our “Summit on the Past” on Sunday, March 31 following worship.  In preparation for this “summit,” I met with long-time members of each of our former churches this past Sunday and I learned so many interesting things!  But we need to not only hear their stories and memories; we need to hear yours as well and reflect together on how these have formed and shaped Faith Des Peres today.  This will be the first “event” of our transitional journey in preparation to search for your next called and installed pastor.  Fliers about this event are now available in the narthex and the Gathering Space.

 I look forward to seeing you in and around our church as we share in mission and ministry together!

 Shalom in Christ Jesus,

 Pastor Marilyn