Dear Faith Des Peres Church Family,

This Sunday we are mostly pausing in our journey through Lent in order to have worship that sets the stage for our first “event” of our transitional journey toward preparing to call your next pastor, our “Summit on the Past.”  During this “summit” we will be reviewing highlights from the Des Peres and Faith histories as well as from our merged Faith Des Peres church toward discerning:

Who are we, how did we get here,

and who and where do we want to go in the future?

Come and help us connect individual and shared memories and stories to our history from your own experiences of being a part of this church family.

Come and help us identify the core beliefs or values expressed through the histories, memories and stories, and their influence on our present ministry.

Help us remember roles these churches have played in the nearer and wider community, the values they represent, their influence on events, and their impact on the church’s identity.

My sermon message this Sunday will be “Seeking God’s New Thing” from Isaiah 35:1-10 and 43:18-21 in which God through the prophet offers hope to a discouraged people living in exile from their homeland who have had to learn how to practice their faith in new ways.

Worship will be about 45 minutes before adjourning to The Gathering Space for the “summit,” which will last no more than two hours.  If you can’t stay the whole time, please come and stay for as long as you can.  Lunch will be provided. 

I look forward to seeing you in and around our church as we share in mission and ministry together!

 Shalom in Christ Jesus,

 Pastor Marilyn