A Reminder about 2014 Pledges
June 30 will mark the end of our current fiscal year.  Are you current with your pledge payments for stewardship and the Gathering Space loan reduction?  If not, please make an effort to submit your final payments before the end of the month.  The gifts we pledge to the church help meet many of our day-to-day operating expenses.  If you have questions about the status of your pledges, please contact FDP's treasurer, Kathy Sherrick, or the church's bookkeeper, Cathy Luetkemeyer, who is in the church office (314-432-8029) on Tuesdays from 9 to 11 a.m.

A Gardener’s Delight
Faith Des Peres’ Community Garden is really beginning to flourish.  Click here to see some of the new growth. One of our gardeners sent the office this email:

I ate the turnips last night. It’s too bad they don’t taste better; they are so easy to grow. We will try a different recipe for turnips next time. Terry likes them - they are good for me and I can tolerate them.

[After describing how he’d fixed spots in the chicken wire fence… ] I have new sympathy for Mr. McGregor in his battle with Peter Rabbit and his family.
— Jim Baker

We Didn’t Lose Flat Jesus – Did You?
Have you lost your Flat Jesus?  Click here to download another one. The Worship Arts Committee introduced Flat Jesus in an effort to remind all of us that Jesus is with us EVERYWHERE! We want to see where Jesus is, so keep him with you at all times (purse, backpack and car) and snap photos of you with him. Help us spread the message!  For new pics, visit our “Where in the World is Flat Jesus?” page on the website, or see the photos in the Gathering Space. (See if you can find the new ones!)

Items left at FDP
As a gentle reminder, we no longer collect items such as empty food containers or bags of clothing for soup kitchens or charities, unless we specifically ask for them. Thank you.