Dear Faith Des Peres Community,

Last week we unveiled our new vision, mission and value statements and this week we’ll have a chance to live into them as we explore the topic of sexuality and the Bible with a particular look at Caitlyn Jenner.  This is the 3rd sermon in my series “Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism”.  For those of you who weren’t present last week, or haven’t yet memorized our values (!), they are:

 Accepting people for who they are and where they are on their faith journey.

Growing in our faith by asking questions and wrestling with ambiguity.

Serving others in the same Christ served others.

Welcoming young and old, singles and families, respectful of race, nationality, sexual orientation and persons of differing abilities.


The subject of transgendered persons is a timely and important subject, and as people of faith we need to be talking about it.  I hope you’ll be here Sunday with your inquiring and open minds.

Also, don’t forget our Living Creation faith formation class at 9:30.  This week we have a beekeeper coming to talk about “Bee Keeping 101” and he’ll have his first batch of honey of the season for sale.  We’ll also get to sample it during class!  The kids will have fun with bubbles, too.  Last week about 15-20 people were here for tai chi; I hope you come back and I hope others join us.  But please know this is one of those series that you can jump in and out of depending on your interest and availability.

See you in church.