Sermon Series
The series “Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism” will cover some of the hot-button issues of the day with a look at what the Bible does and does not say about them.  This series allows us to take the Bible seriously but not literally, and assumes God and the Bible can handle our intellectual pursuits.  Don’t check your brain at the door.
June 14            The Birds and Bees
June 28            Violence, Vengeance and Victory Oh My!
July 12             Edited Stories and Cover-Ups
August 9          Uppity Women Unite
August 16        Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
August 23        The Apostle Paul
August 30        Left Behind and Loving It
September 6    Now What?

LIVING CREATION  -  Sundays, 9:30-10am
An intergenerational, experiential Bible study on the creation story (Genesis 1)
Each of the following Sundays at 9:30am there will be a short reading from Genesis and Annie will give a few words about the theme.  After that, we’ll step into each creation day in a unique way.  This is an intergenerational, living Bible study, so there will be something for everyone.  And most of all, we hope it will give us all a chance to relax, learn and have fun together!!  

June 14/ Day 2: Water from air- Bee-keeping 101/ Bubbles

June 28/Day 3:  Land and plants ---  plants, butterflies and the community garden

 July 12/Day 4: Stars/Sun/Moon --- star gazing on Saturday night and Sunday morning
different perspective – storytelling about constellations

 Aug 9/Day 5: Fish/Birds --- create bird feeders for home and church grounds to attract our fine feathered friends; paper airplane races

 Aug 16/Day 6: Land animals and man ---  nothing before church, lunch/zoo trip after church

 Aug 23/Day 7: Rest --- things that help us relax/rest, might be popcorn and cartoons 


Church Office Closed Week of June 21
The church office will be closed the week of June 21 while both Pastor Annie and Yolanda are out of town. Messages will be checked but if you have an emergency, please call Annie on her cell phone.

Joe Marting preaching Sunday, June 21
Thank you so much to Joe Marting who will be preaching next Sunday, June 21 while Annie is away at the Worship
and Music Conference at Montreat.

Living Creation - Sunday, June 28 9:30
On June 28, Connie McNutt, master gardener and community garden, will lead us in a
discussion of bio-diversity and the kids will have a chance to dig in the dirt and make pine cone bird feeders.  We'll be outside, so please dress for the weather!  Connie has also spruced up the church grounds and is interested in starting a Frontenac Garden Club.  You'll enjoy meeting her!

Flat Jesus Reminder
Don’t forget to take your Flat Jesus with you on vacation this summer. Email your Flat Jesus pictures to Yolanda at