Thank you to everyone who has taken an ornament for this year’s giving tree. Please bring your unwrapped gifts with the ornament marking to whom they go back to church by this Sunday, December 4th. We will sort them and deliver to SSDN and Lydia's House. If you did not pick up any ornaments we still need you! We can still use plenty of Shop n Save gift cards ($25 each) and a few more Target gift cards. No need to let us know in advance just bring them in. If you'd like to bring some wrapping paper, bows tape etc. to donate that would be wonderful as well. Finally, two ornaments were taken but not accounted for. If you by chance took an ornament and forgot to let either Dianne or Elizabeth know could you email or before Sunday? Thank you very much for your wonderful generosity. With your great Christmas spirit we will be making Christmas brighter for 22 families this year.