Dear Faith Des Peres Friends,

This Sunday we’ll dedicate the Christmas Giving Tree gifts. Please bring your unwrapped gifts and gift cards this Sunday! After church, we’ll celebrate with coffee, Christmas cookies, and hot chocolate. Also this Sunday we’ll have communion, so don’t forget your food for Feeding the Flock. Your food is needed more than ever! Kids at home during winter break=no free/reduced lunch at school=more food needed at home.

 This weekend marks the second Sunday of Advent, the season leading up to Christmas. This is a great time for you to share an invitation to worship with someone you know. You would be surprised how many people would come to church if only someone would personally invite them! On the church’s homepage, you’ll find a video about Advent (scroll down a little) that you can post and share (upper right-hand corner of the video) on Facebook. Please take the time to share it. You never who among your friends is looking a little peace, hope, joy and love this season – and we have it to offer.

 See you Sunday.